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A professor of the Department of Computer Systems and Computing of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain, he holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the Universidad de Cantabria and a Bachelor's Degree in Systems Analysis from the Universidad Nacional de Asunción. He has made research visits to the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA), to Brigham Young University (Provo, USA) and to the University of Twente (Eschede, Holland).

He has participated in more than 10 technology transfer projects for the industry and in more than 20 competitive national and international research projects. He has made more than 120 research publications in internationally recognized prestigious journals and congresses and formed part of the editorial board of several magazines and numerous program committees / workshop organizations and international conferences (MODELS, RE, ISD, MODELSWARD, SEAA,Ö).

He is an expert evaluator of the National Agency for Evaluation and Prospects (ANEP in Spanish) for national research projects, and of the National Agency for the Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation (ANECA in Spanish) for university degrees and international certifications for Universities of Spain (ACREDITA PLUS). He also has three six-year research periods (national recognition for periods of 6 years of quality research) and four five-year teaching periods.
He is a professor on the subjects: Requirements Engineering, Development of Software Directed by Models, and Empirical Software Engineering.

His main areas of interest are: model-driven software development, requirements engineering, architectures and cloud services, software quality, and web engineering.
TOPIC: Present and Future of the Development of Software Directed by Models in the Industry.
DATE: November 16th
TIME: 09h20 - 10h00


Antonio Marttos

Dr. Antonio Marttos, whose current academic rank is Assistant Professor of Surgery, Director of Global e-Health, Co-Director of the Lehman William Injury Research Center, Ryder Trauma Center-Jackson Memorial Hospital-University of Miami.

Dr. Marttos completed his medical training (1993) and surgical residency training in Brazil (1997). He was a professor of Emergency Medicine and Surgery at the ABC Foundation's Faculty of Medicine in Brazil and Head of Surgery at the Santa Marina Hospital in Brazil. In 2004 he joined the Jackson Memorial Hospital for Critical Care Surgery and Traumatology. At the end of his appointment in 2006 he joined the University of Miami faculty in the Trauma and Critical Care division.

Dr. Marttos, a pioneer in Trauma Telemedicine, has participated in numerous clinical studies and activities for the Department of Defense, the US Department of State, and the Florida Department of Health. He created a telemedicine network throughout the state for trauma and received the Extraordinary Leadership Award from the Department of Health and also the Annual Award for the first General State Surgeon for Health Innovation, Prevention, and the management of these efforts. He is also deeply involved in the development of telemedicine solutions to provide expert support in multiple trauma settings, including intensive care, resuscitation, operating room, pre-hospital, and mass casualty units.

He led the Telemedicine Education and Counseling for the Military Medicine project (TEAMM), which linked the Ryder Trauma Center with the US Air Force, and explored the use of telemedicine in mass casualty exercises with the surgical equipment and facilities of the US Army, as well as in exercises carried out in various hospitals throughout Florida. More recently, Dr. Marttos has created a unique Global Telemedicine program funded by the State Department to provide support services for trauma telemedicine in Iraq. The program has received national attention and is now considered the gold standard for such programs. Dr. Marttos was a finalist for the Community Health Promotion Award, 2011 International Health Promotion Awards, and participates in the creation of multiple networks such as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the Soccer World Cup and Olympic Games.

TOPIC: Telemedicine: From research to clinical activities around the world.
DATE: November 17th
TIME: 10h00 - 10h40



Secretary General, Pan American Institute of Geography and History (PAIGH) Specialized Organization of the Organization of the American States (OAS).
Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1953. Graduated from Universities of the Andes (Colombia) and theTechnological Institute of Massachusetts, MIT (USA). More than 28 years of experience in Economic and Social Development. In the last
decade he concentrated on (i) production management and application of Spatial Information to the Land Administration and (ii) the study and promotion of the strategic value of Geographic Information for developing nations.

In Colombia, he has been General Director of the Agustín Codazzi Geographical Institute (1994-2002), General Manager of the Bogotá Company of Aqueducts and Sewerage, and of the National Fund of Development Projects (FONADE).

On an international level, he has been president of the Global Data Infrastructure
Space Agency (GSDI), the Standing Committee for Development of Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Americas (PC IDEA), the Commission of Cartography of the PAIGH, and has been Member of the International Steering Committee for Global Cartography (ISCGM).

SPEECH TYPE: Master Lecture
DATE: November 17
TIME: 09am – 09h40am



Lasallano, Politécnico (Guayaquil) & ITESM Computer Engineer, Master in Finance, Postgraduate in Leadership, Marketing
Executive of several Multinationals, Entrepreneur and Investor
National Champion Mathematics (1989) & National Champion Programming (1994)

Experience: 2
20+ Years working in Business & Technology
La Cemento Nacional, Banco Continental, Ecuadorian Government (CONAM – Investment Banking), IBM, Lucent, Alcatel, Nagra/Kudelski
Own businesses: UnivTec, TQMG Partners
Merge & Acquisitions (M&A), Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Finance, Operations & Consulting
Sales Manager up to $400M USD, Finance & Operations $1.2B USD
Canada, USA, Mexico, Caribbean & Central America, Latin America, Brazil, Spain

Telecom (Wireless & Broadband), Video (Streaming & Broadcasting), Cloud, SaaS, Mobile Commerce, Business Outsourcing, System Integration, Professional Services, Consulting, Software Factory, Maintenance & Support, IT Infrastructure, Payment & Charging, Targeted Advertising

Topics of Interest:
M&A, Consulting, Business Transformation, Monetization, M2M & IoT, Cloud, Digital Marketing, Processes, Mathematics & Algorithms, Leadership, Mentoring, Science.

TOPIC: Communication networks, cms & Big data & Cloud


gaston torres
  • Electronics Engineer
  • MBA in Human Resources and Marketing
  • eTOM Process Expert, ITIL Consulting, Digital Marketing & Software Factory
  • Regional Director - Costa in Business IT (Microsoft Partner of the year 2015 Ecuador)
  • Former Commercial Manager of Akros
  • Former Commercial Director of Intergrupo Ecuador (Considered the fifth best Microsoft partner in the world)
  • Former Manager of Corporate Accounts in Maint

He has experience in IT projects with Public Institutions including CFN, CNT, Municipality of Guayaquil, ETAPA, Municipality of Daule. He has experience in banking, being the manager of the first CMMI level 5 factory for this segment in Ecuador.


Vivian Estrada

Graduated as: Bachelor of Mathematics - Specialist in Computing.
PhD in Technical Sciences - Computer science specialty.
Tenured Professor of the Universidad de Ciencias Informáticas de Cuba.
Doctor in Technical Sciences, specialist in Computing and Professor of the Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas. She has 43 years of experience in higher education.

Vivian has directed and developed scientific research projects related to Educational Technology, Computer Applications, Distance Education, Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence, and Education Sciences.

She carries out tutorials for diploma papers, masters´ thesis, and doctorate thesis, both in Cuba and abroad, and has been tutor of 20 successfully defended PhDs. She has written several textbooks, and has systematically published articles. She teaches in several masters and doctoral programs.

Vivian Estrada coordinates the doctoral program in Computer Science at the Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas. She is a member of the National Tribunal of Scientific Degrees of Educational Sciences in Cuba, and of the experts group of the Computation and Automation Tribunal.

She is a member of the International Coordinating Committee of the UNESCO Chair in Information Management at the Universidad de la Habana and Universidad de Murcia, and is a member of the referee team of 6 magazines.

Vivian has given conferences and workshops in several countries such as Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Dominican R., Guatemala, Ecuador, and Colombia. She is a member of the Network of Virtual Learning Spaces (RedEVA) coordinated by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA), and of the International Network RedEspecial. As a member of the latter, she has participated in several virtual education activities. She has extensive experience in technology, in education, and in e-learning teaching.


Luis Vilches Consultant in RDi and Geospatial Technologies

He has a degree in Geography from the Universidad de Granada (Spain), a Master of GIS Projects Management and a doctorate in Geographical Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). Professional experience over 10 years, highlighting his work as RDi advisor and projects manager about Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Capital District (IDECA). He has worked as director in various RDi projects in the Ontology Engineering Group - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and has been linked to the National Geographic Institute of Spain. During 2007 he was a visiting researcher for the Information Management Group of the University of Manchester.

His research, development, and innovation activities are focused on Semantic Web and ontologies, Spatial Data Infrastructures, Information Integration, Open Data, Linked Data, Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Big Data.

He has participated in European projects (Towntology, DIGMAP, DynCoopNet and ENERGIC), Latin American projects (IDEDES and Scenarios for the analysis of new trends about SDI in Latin America: Challenges and opportunities), and national projects (Geobuddies, WEBn + 1, Authors 3.0, Virtual Spain, City2020, myBigData, etc). Within this context, he is the author of numerous publications in conferences, workshops, and magazines.

He has also been an active member of the IDE Work Group of Spain and a member of the AENOR Technical Committee on Standardization AEN / CTN148 on Geographic Information, and participated in several Working Groups in the context of ISO / TC 211, such as: WG7 Information Communities, Ontology Maintenance Group (GOM), ISO / TC 211 ad hoc group on Linked Data and the development of the ISO 19150 standard. In addition, he is an active member of the OGC and the PAIGH, as well as of multiple program committees in conferences and workshops in the international arena and has been invited to give numerous talks and workshops.
DATE: November 17th
TIME: 09h40 - 10h20


Associate Professor 3 at the Universidad de Cuenca, is part of the Knowledge Management Group within the Department of Computer Science at the university. Previously, he worked as a programmer analyst and network administrator in the private company, as well as a researcher in the Artificial Intelligence Department of the Faculty of Informatics of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in the Ontological Engineering Group. He is a Systems Engineer graduated from the Universidad de Cuenca - Ecuador (Computer Engineer, degree approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education) (2001), Master in Software Engineering (2004). PhD in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence granted by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. His research activities are focused on Semantic e-Science, Internet of Things, and Semantic Webs. His technological activities are focused on the development of scalable applications, information integration and business intelligence. He has participated as a researcher in national projects in Spain, Ecuador, and Europe. He has published several scientific articles in conferences, workshops, and specialized magazines.
TOPIC: Integration of digital repositories and academic resources of the universities of Ecuador, from a Semantic Web approach
DATE: November 17th
TIME: 09h00 - 09h30